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About - Our Team


Monford AG Systems Ltd is a Micro-Multinational Technology Start Up with a direct presence in Ireland, the UK, and New Zealand. The build team includes leading farmers, agricultural experts, academics, and agronomists from around the world.

The manufacturing team stretch from Ireland, to Taiwan, China and the USA, whilst the software behind the GrassOmeter has been developed in Ireland, Serbia and Croatia. Grass grows all over the world and so do we.

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Steve Lock

CEO & Founder


Steven Lock is an award-winning television producer, writer and director, who has been described by the Irish Farmers Journal as “the most well-connected man in Irish agriculture”. He has produced programmes for a wide range of broadcasters including ITV, BBC, C4, Sky, Discovery, RTE, Buena Vista/Disney, TV3, C6, MTV and TG4. In addition to owning & managing several successful media companies he has also been involved in a broad range of media and other start-ups. In 2010, Steven developed and produced the series ‘Farmers - A Year on the Land’, in which he followed and documented the life of 26 farmers for an entire agricultural year. During that year he somehow left the world of showbiz, comedy, music and entertainment behind, to become “the guy who measures grass”.

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Jerry Manock

Head of Design


Jerrold C Manock is the Principal Member and lead designer of Manock Comprehensive Design, L.L.C., Burlington, Vermont. Previously, Jerry was Corporate Manager of Product Design for Apple Computer, Inc., where he formed and supervised the special design group that had the complete responsibility for the mechanical product design of the Macintosh® personal computer. He was also responsible for the Apple II®, Disk II®, the Apple III®, and the preliminary design of the Lisa® office computer. Jerry is named as co-inventor on the Patent for the Macintosh Personal Computer and is widely regarded as the ”father” of Appleʼs Industrial Design philosophy.


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