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About - Our Values

Product Mission

We envision, create, design, build, sell and ship innovative, modular, sensor-equipped hardware devices to measure and record the growth and the quality of crops and vegetation.

Our products have great design and customer ease-of-use at their core. Measurements are automatically recorded and linked, using the latest technologies, to “social” data networks allowing farmers, agronomists, advisers, sports turf managers and corporate customers to share the collected data and benchmark performance geographically, contemporaneously and historically.

We believe that to measure is to know. And that to analyse is to understand.

Economic Mission

Data is the new soil. It is as important an input for the modern grower as fertilizer, weather, or genetics.

Benchmarking performance with other growers allows for improved efficiency and profitability. Recorded measurement allows the grower to:

  • Maximise growth rates.
  • Extend grazing periods.
  • Maintain and improve pasture quality.
  • Manage seasonal variation.
  • Achieve high pasture utilisation.
  • Ensure average covers are achieved at critical times.
  • And offer animals better quality feed, more often.

We believe that to measure is to know. And that to analyse is to understand.

Company Mission

We are a multinational company, local in attitude, but global in scope.

Data knows no boundaries and our structure reflects this. Our organisation is lean, fluid, and quick to respond. We engage and work with great people. Our employees, our contractors, our suppliers and our investors are all equally important members of our Team. Team members are encouraged to innovate, inspire, change and out-perform their contemporaries.

The company’s design ethos goes hand-in-hand with exemplary customer service and product warranty. All our team members are sales focussed, charged and empowered to consider how to “make life better” with every decision they take.

Our desire for success is greater than our fear of failure. Conformity is the enemy of growth. We are disruptive - challenging accepted norms in order to find a better way. We nurture and encourage individual ability and creativity to improve the greater good.

Social Mission

We are determined to have a positive impact on society and on the environment.

We strive to democratise agriculture - enabling farmers and other growers to make better informed and more effective field-level crop management and grazing decisions, based on real life examples, in order to improve their lives and the lives of the animals they feed.

Why? Because grazed grass is the cheapest and most-nutritious source of feed available for ruminant animals. Milk and meat from grass-fed animals is of a higher quality than that of their grain-fed counterparts. In a world of finite resources, grass is the most sustainable feed choice and is the acknowledged best food for animals and consumers alike.

The demand for grass-fed food is driven by a wide range of economic, social, political, cultural and health factors, all of which require farmers to grow more grass. To do this effectively the farmer needs accurate and reliable comparative data.

In the sports turf world measurement of grass growth and quality, coupled with improved management, encourages less fertilizer and water use.

We pledge to help improve our environment and to make a difference - locally, regionally, nationally and internationally - because there is measure in all things.

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